How to Choose a Wi-Fi Adapter for Your Laptop


When you have one of the latest laptop models in the market, there are high chances that it has a decent Wi-Fi card installed. However, if your internet connection has been shoddy of late, you may want to get an external USB Wi-Fi adapter. You can know whether or not your Wi-Fi network card is working properly through different ways. One of the easy ways is by simply checking the speed of your internet connection. If you experience large delays when streaming movies online but your ISP speeds are fast, the problem is probably with the Wi-Fi adapter.

Generally, the best wifi adapter have better reception than internal wireless cards. The external adapters get faster and stronger signals through their antennas. Therefore, whether the router is in another room of floor, you can be sure of getting good signal strength when using an external wireless network adapter. The antennas reduce data packet losses, which means you can access the internet at fast speeds.

Sometimes, you may want to get an external wireless adapter even if the internal data card is working fine. For example, you may want an external card that is compatible with the current, fastest wireless standards. Wireless technology continues to be improved every year. This is why the latest laptop you bought in a specific year may not be compatible with the current wireless technology. You can take advantage of the new faster wireless technology by purchasing an external wireless network card. Learn more about Wi-Fi at

Sometimes, the internal wireless network card may stop work because the laptop is damaged. In this case, you can either take the laptop for repairs or simply get an external Wi-Fi card. In most cases, you will pay more for internal wireless cards than you would for external ones. At a laptop repair shop, you will have to pay the technician for his/her service apart from purchasing a new internal wireless adapter. On the flip side, a USB Wi-Fi adapter does not require any special technical knowledge to operate. You simply have to plug the USB like any other normal USB device to start getting your Wi-Fi signal.

You should not go for a wireless network adapter based on how it looks. You may come across two adapters that look the same but work in different manners. Apart from this, keep in mind that the strength of a wireless network adapter is not dependent on how many antennas it has. Click here for more info!

Consider the specifications of the wireless network adapter you want to choose. Check the adapter’s box or visit the manufacturer’s website to find out about the specifications.


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